C162 Skycatcher - N5217S & N6055Z

Members - $104 / HR
Non-Members - $134 / HR 

Earn your Sport Pilot rating and being your Private Pilot training in this state-of-the art Cessna Skycatcher. The newest piston in Cessna's long tradition of piston aircraft.  At just over $100 / hr to Eagle Flyers members, it provides an economical path to your license.

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Cessna 172SP - N23EF & N915MA

Members - $144 / HR
Non-Members - $174 / HR

Come fly in one of the most reliable and well known training and rental aircraft in the world.  The Cessna 172 is the perfect mix of cost effectiveness, ease of flight, and updated technology.  We have two to choose from! 

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Cessna 172SP - N1884M

Members - $155 / HR
Non-Members - $185 / HR

Come fly the newest addition to the Eagle Flyers fleet - our 2005 Cessna 172SP G1000 equipped aircraft. Learn to fly taking advantage of the latest in-cockpit technology. You'll be amazed by the Garmin G1000 PFD and MFD with weather, traffic, and more!

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Cessna 182 - N46EF

Members - $209 / HR
Non-Members - $239 / HR 

The Cessna 182 is an SUV of the aviation world.  Easily haul your entire family on a trip to the destination of your choice and get there faster with 20 knots of extra speed you won't find in a 172.

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Cirrus SR20 - N471TT

Members - $201 / HR
Non-Members - $231 / HR

We are proud to be Indiana's only Cirrus Training Center (CTC) and are proud to offer this amazing SR 20 for rent.  You cannot rent another aircraft like this in the entire region.  Featuring the latest in avionics with the Garmin Perspective system, a CAPS parachute, and a cruise speed that will get you where you are going in a flash.  This Cirrus is a cross-country machine.  Get checked out today.   

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Piper Lance - N38746


Members - $280 / HR
Non-Members - $310 / HR 

Eagle Flyers is excited to announce the addition of N38746 to the Eagle Flyers rental fleet.  This 6-seat Piper Lance will get you where you need to go with a max cruise speed of around 160 knots. It is equipped with Aspen Pro 1000 glass panel EFD and an Altimatic IIC Autopilot featuring Altitude Hold. At $280 / hr for Eagle Flyers members, your cost-per-mile is comparable to other high performance and complex aircraft.

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Redbird Full Motion Simulator

Members - $84 / HR
Non-Members - $99 / HR 

No other place in the entire state lets you log hours this way!  With this Redbird Full Motion Simulator (FMS) you can log hours for ratings, remain instrument proficient, and never let weather "get you down" again!  Panels available for the Cessna 172 NavII (Steam Gauges), Cessna 182 NavIII (Glass), and Baron Multi-Engine.

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Montgomery Flight Training Contacts

For more information please contact:

Becky Walker - Eagle Flyers Customer Service

  • (317) 769-4487

Carl Winkler - Business Manager

  • (317) 769-4487

Aircraft Rental Fleet

Montgomery Flight Training features the region's most diverse aircraft rental fleet.  With aircraft ranging from a Cessna 162 Skycatcher to a fully featured FIKI (flight into known-ice) certified Cirrus SR22 and everything in between  - we've got you covered.  

What do we think makes us unique?
  • We have two Cessna 162 Skycatchers
  • We are Indiana's only aircraft rental club offering a Cirrus SR20 for rent. 
  • We are the only place locally you can expand your training through the use of a Redbird Full Motion Simulator (FMS)
  • The aircraft are based at beautiful and convenient Indianapolis Executive Airport - with an 5500' runway, ILS & WAAS based approaches, and a covered arrival / departure canopy to keep you out of the weather
  • You get all of this at competitive prices and with the exceptional customer services you've come to expect from Montgomery Aviation.
To receive discounted member-only rates, join Montgomery Flight Training today!  The MFT one-time initiation fee is $399 and the monthly dues are $40.